Saturday, June 12, 2010

singapore 2009 : post-marathon

sunday, 6-dec : tak sempat nak tidur pun. just freshened up and a brief rest. semua kelaparan. we had our nasi padang lunch at ion's foodcourt.

next, time to hit orchard road. gigih walaupun lutut aku sakit ni. less than a month to xmas so the whole stretch of orchard was beautifully decorated. just wonder what will they do to those decorations once this festive season end. recycle? reuse? at one of the malls, siap ada salji lagi..

next, coffee at spinelli. masa ni baru nampak muka masing-masing yang keletihan. and we said goodbye to our indonesian friends and to those leaving home that night.

the trip continued for me, fei and zaidi. next to the world's highest ferris wheel. jauh jugak berjalan dari esplanade, bangunan durian tu. jalan ni jugak yang kitorang lari pagi tadi. and the experience on the gigantic wheel was totally splendid.

from the flyer, we walked back until clarke quay. sambil menikmati pemandangan malam kota singapura. had rojak singapore for my dinner. letihnya berjalan..

back to illuminated orchard, did some shopping and had coffee at starbucks before check-in for the night.

monday, 7-dec : last day in singapore, we just spent our time around orchard. makan tengahari dulu selepas check-out. macam biasa, cari local magazine untuk abiskan saki-baki dollar.

we finally left singapore at around 3pm and drove straight back to kl. we'll be here again next year!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

merentas kota singa

my second half-marathon. two weeks right after the first one in penang. and my first international run. standard chartered singapore marathon 2009, 6-dec at 645am. which i think was quite late to start.

took the first mrt from orchard to raffles place. we were late as usual. seramainya manusia. sejauhnya kena pusing nak masuk starting zone..

the run started at esplanade drive. as mentioned in the guide book, it was indeed a flat marathon. berlari dalam bandar kan..and along the route, there were so many cheerleaders to support and cheer up. baru semangat nak lari. halfway through, my knees started to feel the pain. to avoid any risk as i still need my leg to wander the city later, i had to slow down my pace and eventually walked. but according to the guide book, a run-walk system could be faster than running all the way. totally agreed as i finally managed to finish in 2 hrs and 16 mins. but the last km towards the finish line at st.andrew's road was a bit disaster. it was narrow and crowded as every single runners rushed to it. tak dapat nak pecut ke garisan penamat..

penat seh..but we were never tired to strike a pose..!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

singapore 2009 : pre-marathon

friday, 4-dec : we left kl at almost noon. blame it to the crazy traffic. made a few stops at highway and drove straight to singapore. and stucked at the causeway. driving into singapore for my very first time, it was kinda easy. went straight to singapore expo in changi to collect our racepack.

i was totally impressed with the racepack collection centre. sangat teratur!

next stop was the night safari in mandai. makan dulu sebab lapar.

berjalan dalam night safari ni memang terasa berjalan dalam hutan. memang hebat tempat ni..

malam tu, balik larkin untuk zzz..

saturday, 5-dec : pagi-pagi, pegi ambik lutfi dan syed kat senai airport. terus pegi singgah sarapan kacang pol kat larkin bomba. dan balik rumah dulu bersiap-siap..

left jb at almost noon. luckily, the traffic was smooth. dropped lutfi and syed at woodland's lrt and off we went to see the animals again at mandai zoo. i never get bored with this amazing animal kingdom. sampai-sampai tu, hujan rintik-rintik. lecehnya berjalan kena pakai payung. luckily, it stopped. dengan yakinnya, kitorang simpan payung tapi tak lama lepas tu, hujan balik. tension! terpaksa beli poncho yang mahal itu..

petang, bertolak ke orchard hotel. ni baru betul-betul memandu dalam bandar. oh my god. the traffic was terribly bad like hell. stress!!! berpuluh kali aku pusing orchard road sebelum akhirnya sampai kat hotel. even the hotel's carpark was full. dari buang masa, our friend from singapore, adam brought us to newton circus for dinner.

balik hotel nak tidur awal kononnya. macam biasa tak dapat bila dah berborak..